Wedding Photography in Skipton, Katy & Luke

Award winning wedding photography in Skipton covering Ilkley, Harrogate, Leeds, Keighley, Manchester and the Yorkshire Dales.

If you know me then you know that one of the best things about a wedding is the fun factor. I just love it when weddings are all about the celebration and the good times roll. Sometimes we can get too stuck up in the finer details of the day that we forget what is important: the marriage and celebrating that marriage. I knew that the wedding of Katy and Luke would be a day to remember, full of laughs surrounded by their great network of family and friends. Now I’ve known Katy for almost as long as I have known my wife. She was actually one of the very first friends who I met from my wifes childhood and it is safe to say that I knew she was a laugh a minute right from the start. Some years later we were introduced to Luke but he had the misfortune of meeting us at a Eurovision meets Singstar party and after a few Sambucas later it was like we knew him for years! It’s strange doing the wedding photography of friends. I’m a very calm and collected guy at weddings. Nothing phases me. At home just about everything freaks me out, including cooking carrots. But this wedding was the first time I felt butterflies since 2009. It was stupid but I couldn’t help but feel it. Katy and Luke booked me like any other client and they knew I would deliver what I normally do but I kept thinking “would it be good enough?” It was silly really and yet on the day my butterflies soon went. Judge for yourself on the photographs below but I personally have some of my favourite work in this wedding. As for the day itself it started at Katy’s mums house here in sunny Skipton. Both Katy and Luke now live in the hustle and bustle of London you see. After the bridal preparation I headed into Skipton, had a quick scan in the castle pub for a few of the guests and headed into Holy Trinity church to meet with the vicar. I’m very lucky that I was given some great access to the wedding and could shoot it in as much of a way that I could have ever wanted. This I am totally appreciative for because I hear with my own ears from wedding officiants some horror stories about photographers climbing over pews, firing flash right in their faces, asking to re-stage (yes re-stage) the ring shot during a ceremony. It’s a worrying time that some photographs are not professionals yet approach a wedding, that they help save a couple a few pounds, with little respect for their surroundings and this has a knock on effect for future brides and grooms. This is perhaps a blog post for another day haha! I digress. Now, talk about arriving in style. Ecto-1 from the Ghostbusters movies!!! I had to keep this dirty secret from my wife and I was dying to share it. See the photographs, it says it all! After the ceremony we had some select group shots outside and although the weather was terrible for most of the day we was very lucky to get the shots done without being soaked. If you know me from weddings you will know that I am very discreet during the day but come out of my shell when it comes to the group photographs. Even friends commented how different I was due to the jovial spirit I approach taking group photographs in the obvious summer conditions haha. After this we went to Cracoe village hall where iCampo the Silent Clown and Performance Artist was waiting for us. After the wedding breakfast and speeches it was time for one of the most enjoyable disco’s ever. The Silent Disco! Now this I knew would be great but I had no idea just how much fun it was. The headsets were wireless and had 3 channels; the DJ, Best of the 90’s and Worst of the 90’s. It went down a storm, even with the doubters. You would literally hear people sing a random song, flip your channel and then you was listening to what some other people were. At this point I have to plug the amazing work that Silent Noize Events did for the wedding, it was flawless. Even I had a pair to put on when I wanted and take off when I wanted to take other shots. That’s enough from me right now. I hope you enjoy the wedding photography of Katy and Luke:



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