Stirk House Wedding Photography Natalie & Mike

Natalie & Mike

Stirk House Wedding Photography is becoming a regular thing for me at the moment. Yesterday’s wedding was another absolute belter! Below are some sneak peeks from the day, just a few. I scanned through these and gave them a quick edit so that everyone can relive parts of the day. Big shout out to everyone who was there! You made the day extra special and it is the coming together of such fun family members and friends that help make weddings extra special. It really is, trust me! If you came here looking for information on how I approach weddings then I have an article on wedding photography in Leeds.

So the day started at St Mary’s in Gisburn and despite their being 3 rain showers before the ceremony it was glorious! Yes it was a little bit on the blowy side but you really couldn’t complain. When Natalie walked down to the church with her dad it just set an incredible scene and the day was officially underway.

St Marys gisburn

st marys gisburn groom and best man

st marys gisburn groom

st marys gisburn bride


st marys gisburn wedding walk

st marys gisburn wedding photographer

st marys gisburn wedding photography


st marys gisburn wedding

I have to admit the area where the register is signed is quite possibly the most beautiful setting I have photographed the signing of the register.

st marys gisburn register signing


st marys gisburn register

st marys gisburn confetti

Big thank you to everyone for letting me boss you about here and get you all into position for this awesome confetti shot. High fives to each and every one of you!

stirk house car

When we got back to Stirk House there was a bit of a big cloud coming over so we went to get the bride and portraits soon. When it came to the family portraits, we had already done these at the church a little earlier.

stirk house tree

stirk house bride portrait

stirk house groom

stirk house reception room

The room looked stunning and I absolutely love shooting wedding receptions in this room. That big sky light above is just heaven.

stirk house baby

stirk house bridesmaid

stirk house wedding speech father of bride

stirk house wedding speech

Brilliant speeches all round and some particular funny moments, including the rainbow! But I won’t repeat anything I heard on here. I always like hearing about how people met and the adventures they have. Great speeches guys!

stirk house wedding

stirk house best man speech

stirk house photo props

stirk house quick portrait

It’s worth pointing out that before these photos were taken it literally rained for half an hour non stop. Did we notice? Nope. Everyone was being well fed by the team.

stirk house family portrait

So for the photo above I helped make the little girl (I’ve forgotten her name already!) smile. Then the one below I pulled the camera away from my face, spoke to the couple and blew a raspberry. That got the nerves settled and they burst out laughing!

stirk house funny moment

stirk house bride

stirk house wedding guests


stirk house cake cut

I’m doing quite a lot of Stirk House wedding photography at the moment and it’s becoming a bit of a second home!

stirk house first dance black and white

stirk house first dance

stirk house party time

There was good banter on the dancefloor and no one was shy of the camera! Oh and the guy in the photo below had some seriously slick moves!

stirk house party

stirk house dancing

stirk house dave

It’s that guy again, Dave! Below: the final shot of the day. What a wedding!!!

stirk house wedding photography

Stirk House Wedding Photography

If you are getting married at Stirk House or anywhere else local then do consider me to be your wedding photographer. In the words of the girls… “very nice! I like a you!”



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