Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Lancashire Wedding Photographer – Paul Chantrey

Firstly let me say a huge thank you to Donna and Zak for booking me to be their Lancashire wedding photographer! Having met them both before and seeing them at various weddings it was their turn yesterday, 25.06.16. And it was a blast!!! I also want to say a huge thanks to all the guests on the day. Especially for being awesome outside the church for when I came to do the group shots. Due to me being able to do them quicker than many other photographers (true story) I was able to take Donna & Zak for their portraits before the rain storm! So thanks for putting up with me bossing you about and thanks for heckling me, I love a good bit of fun at this part of the day.

So I started the day by meeting Donna at The Craven Heifer where she was ready early! Then a short walk to the church and an even shorter walk afterwards to the village hall. Below are some sneak peeks from their amazing wedding.

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Grooms lift to the wedding

Best little man

Bride before ceremony

Best man number two

Bridal portrait with bouquet

Walking to Kelbrook church

Groom and best man waiting

Bride and dad walking down aisle

Exchange of rings

Kelbrook church

Big thanks to Reverand Hugh at St Mary’s Church Kelbrook for his hospitality. He let me be at the front which meant I got some excellent photographs.

Kiss on the way out of the church

Bride and groom

Lancashire wedding confetti

Kelbrook church wedding couple

Big thanks to recent bride Heather for the help on this photo. Both her, Ash and loads of friends and family helped out a lot at this wedding. I just love that idea!

Kelbrook church bride and groom

Lancashire wedding

Lancashire wedding photographer

Not a word of a lie but when we got back to the village hall it started raining 10 minutes later. Lucky escape! But look at the weather here, glorious!

Lancashire wedding photography

Wedding treats

Father of the bride speech

Grooms speech

Groom and best man

Best man speech

Brilliant best man speech with a cracking ending, had me laughing too!

Best many funny moment

Bring your own booze wedding

Kelbrook and Sough village hall wedding

Wedding reception Lancashire

Groom skateboarding

Zak got to go on his board and even blew a kiss to his fans! Haha you legend!

Skateboard wedding

Stag do lads

Hen do ladies

Another big thanks to the lady 2nd to the right from Donna as she helped get people from the hen do and work.

Wedding Floral headdress

Wedding bands

Love this wedding ring idea! Loved this wedding!

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