Holdsworth House – Caroline and Rob

Holdsworth House – Caroline & Rob

Holdsworth House

This was my first Holdsworth House wedding and I absolutely loved it. Location wise this is not too far from Manchester and Leeds. The venue created the perfect atmosphere for C&R accompanied by their superb family and friends. To say this wedding was fun was an understatement. The guests who attended this wedding helped create a brilliant atmosphere. A big thanks to you all from me and also for putting up with me whilst I efficiently (yeah I said that!) bossed you about for the group shots. I was pleased that you could all get back to enjoying the day very swiftly. You stars!!!

Holdsworth House wedding venue

Holdsworth House wedding venue bridal make up

Holdsworth House wedding bridesmaid make up

Holdsworth House wedding photography girls

The girls all got ready in a large room which wasn’t used for sleeping in and this gave them loads of space to prepare for an epic day. It was a very chilled morning actually! The guys were all ready nice and early so I could get a shot of them before the proceedings commence. Cheers guys!

Holdsworth House wedding boys

Holdsworth House wedding entrance

Holdsworth House wedding ceremony

Holdsworth House wedding vows

Holdsworth House wedding occassion

Holdsworth House wedding first kiss

Holdsworth House wedding group shot

At least if I got stuck up here there was a few firemen on site to help get me down. Oh and thanks for laughing at my rubbish joke. You were all superb!

Holdsworth House bridesmaids

Mark Waddington magician

Below and above is wedding entertainment provided by Mark Waddington. For those of you who don’t know him he is an elite close up magician (part of the magic circle) and his stuff quite literally blows my mind everytime I see him perform. Just look at the guests here!

Mark Waddington close up magician

Holsworth House exclusive wedding venue

Holsworth House bride

Holdsworth House wedding table

Holdsworth House wedding speeches

Holdsworth House groom speech

Hilarious speeches from the lads. I always like learning about the bride and groom and these speeches were full of fun facts.

Holdsworth House best men speech

Holdsworth House bride and groom by entrance

Holdsworth House bride and groom

The grounds are so pretty and very close to the action. Here Caroline and Rob came out for 10 minutes before pudding and we had the grounds to ourselves. I loved the dress and Rob scrubbed up very well too! Now, a wedding supplier dropped the ball at this wedding. This would normally lead to a lot of panic and most likely swearing. However, Caroline stayed calm and Rob made a couple of calls. When word got out the family and friends helped out and it was then Holdsworth House themselves who came up with the final solution. This may sound cheesy, but you can’t help but take inspiration from how people act in certain situations. Personally I am greatful for seeing how other people deal with situations and it actually helps you as a person. Seriously, nothing will stop these two from having their perfect wedding.

Holdsworth House wedding fair

Holdsworth House wedding guest

Holdsworth House wedding guests

Holdsworth House first dance

Holdsworth House party time

Holdsworth House bride rocking it

Holdsworth House bridal fun

After some fun dancefloor antics it was time to get a night portrait or two. Thanks a lot for having me! It was a memorable one!

Holdsworth House

Holdsworth House fairy lights

Want to see some shots with more epic lighting, sunsets, smoke bombs and thousands of stars? Click here to enjoy!