Higher Trapp Wedding Photos & Guide

Higher Trapp Wedding Photos & Guide


Higher Trapp wedding photos guide you for all! This guide will also feature some epic night portraits and use of smoke grenades. Sit back, grab a brew and enjoy this one. Some of the things I will be covering in this detailed guide are as follows:

  • Where to have your couple portaits
  • Night time portraits
  • Where to have your formal group photos
  • The ceremony room
  • The wedding breakfast
  • Outside ceremonies
  • Canopes and photo ops
  • Getting ready photos
  • Smoke grenade wedding photography
  • Sparker wedding photos
  • Evening party
  • Helpful tips for wedding photographers


Where to have your couple portraits?


Fortunately there is no shortage of places to have your Higher Trapp wedding photos taken. Conveniently everything is literally within a contained space, which is large enough to be spoilt for choice but small enough to not take too much time out of your wedding day. Plus, lets say that the clouds decide to open up. No worries, we can just pop back inside and get back to the party then come back outside later. It really is that easy.


Night time portraits:


The archways are something else!!! Especially at night time! For this shot below I used to flashes, off camera, to light the bride and groom. How cool is this shot below?! I’ve not seen anyone do this since I was there so if you want this shot then by all means get in touch and book me. Yes, I am cheeky.

higher trapp wedding photos

One of my favourite places is by the band stand. This is a great one for a variety of uses. At night time there is an epic photo opportunity, see below:

higher trapp wedding photos band stand

During the day it is also a strong focal point and one which I used to get some smoke grenade action. I remember taking the shot below and being filmed by one of the staff members. I lit the smoke and run round like a mad man getting the shots before the smoke ran out.
higher trapp wedding photos smoke grenade


There is also the waterfall, which is a lovely feature. The time of year the below shot was taken had the light falling away from the waterfall. So to combat this I used a flash off camera to add a bit more pop to the scene, which stopped the waterfall looking dull. It will be worthwhile asking your photographer if they can do this with off camera flash. Or just book me!

higher trapp wedding photos waterfallThere is also little bits of greenery and foliage dotted around the Higher Trapp too. It really is a very convenient venue to have some excellent wedding photography. You don’t have to trek for miles!


Where to have your formal group photos?


Ahhh, the “dreaded” formals. There is no need to ever worry over these as long as your photographer is great at taking charge when it comes to these shots. Thankfully at The Higher Trapp it is very easy to get some great photos depending on which direction you want your groups to face. Think about it, if you only have one gorgeous backdrop at a wedding but the sun is in your eyes then it can get very difficult for people to not squint. If you have more than one option then you truly are covered whatever the weather.


I opted to look towards the bandstand for these formal photos. This is because a de-cluttered background is better than a busy one in my humble little opinion.

higher trapp wedding photos group shot

There is also a cracking spot out front of the venue which is surrounded by trees. I particularly liked this spot when it came to taking photographs of individual couples.


The ceremony room


What can I say about this beautiful room. It is the stand out feature of the inside of the hotel in my eyes. Yes, there is a nice staircase. Yes, the bar is nice. However, when you have a room to get married in that is as good as this then it has to be mentioned. Photographers rejoice in the oodles of natural light. You can get a solid shutter speed, with a low ISO, without the need to be shooting too wide an aperture.


The light falls back into the room too so the people at the back watching the ceremony aren’t drowned in shadow which makes it hard for the camera to pick up. From a couples perspective this really does help you get great photographs of your ceremony. Something which can be taken for granted but trust me there are one or two venues out there whereby it is hard to get such strong images.


Where do we have our wedding breakfast?


Same room as where you have just had your wedding, unless you got married outside of course. There is a good amount of room to make your wedding look busy, even if you don’t have crazy high numbers of wedding guests. Granted, I could not tell you how many people you can fit into the room but it is a fantastic space. I was very impressed. During the speeches I have found that there is enough light to not even use artificial light. If you did, then you could easily bounce the light off the gorgeous white ceiling and it will just “lift” the light levels. However, I imagine that would only be necessary if you chose a later wedding breakfast.


What about a ceremony outside?


All of my Higher Trapp wedding photos are from inside ceremonies. I would love to shoot a wedding outside however I can’t show you how amazing that would look. Have you seen the band stand? That is where you would get married! If someone is getting married outside then please, just pick up the phone and book me! Looking at information available you will have your ceremony in the band stand with chairs laid out over the lawn. Wow. I bet that would be amazing! If anyone is reading this and you had your ceremony then you are very lucky.

higher trapp wedding photos daytime arches

After the ceremony where do we have canopes?


Ideally the weather will be nice and you can all mingle outside. There is a nicely mowed lawn and also some pathway for you to stand on, if you have high heels of course! Also there is like a terrace type area just off the doors from the bar area. Here you can overlook all your guests and watch your celebrations unfold.


If you are forced to be inside because of the weather then fear not. The bar area is great for mingling. It can be a bit tight but in all honestly it is not something which you will find a pain on your wedding day. If that is the only issue you will ever likely to face on your day at Higher Trapp then really it is nothing!


I’m getting ready there in the morning, is there opportunity for photos before the ceremony?


Yes there is! You could opt for a classic photo of you coming down the stairs, which I strongly recommend. Inside the rooms there is ample space for you to get some great getting ready photographs. The room I was in was not the largest room I have come across but again that is not a problem. Various wedding venues have similar sized rooms and only a handful have ridiculously large bridal suites. For your Higher Trapp wedding photos in the morning it would be classed as business as usual for many professional photographers. Oh and if you are a photographer reading this post then there are some helpful tips for you at the bottom of this post. I believe in giving back to this amazing industry!


Tell me more about these smoke grenades you use


Well this is something that I love to play about with. Let me be the first to tell you that the smoke grenades I use for Higher Trapp wedding photos and other venues are safe in the right hands. With experience of using these of multiple venues I can tell you that in the wrong hands these can be dangerous. As an example the smoke grenades when fired up emit a spark. You will never have these close to your wedding dress when they are first lit. After they are lit by all means feel free to request to hold the smoke grenade because they are fun.


What about the smoke on my dress?!


Please don’t worry about this. The coloured smoke does not stain. It does have a smell which is like burning wood, a bit like bonfire night. However, the colouring itself is designed to not stain. If the smoke trails come over you just embrace it and see what cool effects come from it!


So we can hold them?


You can yes, but this is up to your own discretion. They do get hot at the upper half of the device. I’ve had brides and grooms hold them at the bottom half and wave them around to create cool effects.


I would not use them close to fuel, dry foliage or tinder as this can catch fire. There are rules for using these and it is important that you follow them. Having fun on your wedding day is what I am about, but we do need to be sensible when using pyrotechnics.


That reminds me, I want to get some sparklers involved!


If you want some of your Higher Trapp wedding photos to have sparklers in then I am game! A huge tip I can give you is to get plenty of the long sparklers. Two reasons:


  • They burn longer so you can get more photos with them
  • Remember Dave who had his sparkler lit first? Well his could be running out now!
  • There isn’t a third reason but I made you read this haha


I strongly recommend having a number of ushers, best man etc to help out with these. If I am your Higher Trapp wedding photographer then I’ll take charge. Really I will. If you know anything about me then you will know I am not shy and by the time it is dark most of the guests will know me and have seen me have fun with them during the group shots. This does put me in a great position to dish out some safety rules before we light them up. My insurance, however, does not cover for any sparkler shots. Most professional photographers are fully insured.


What do you mean most?! Well unfortunately not every photographer is insured for public indemnity and liability. One day, our industry will be regulated and I for one can’t wait for this. Also, you may need to check with Higher Trapp to see if you are OK to do this shot. Can you imagine 10, 20 or more drunk guests with sparks flying around? It needs to be controlled. One final thing to think about is your wedding dress. This is completely your risk and there have been the odd instance of a brides dress catching fire from sparks. Something which requires serious thought before copying that Pinterest photo.


Evening party time


At night time you are back into the room where you was married and had your wedding breakfast. It really is a versatile room. There is a good sized space for the dancefloor so if you have lots of friends who are up for a party then this is ideal! Also, to the side of the dancefloor is the bar area, plus there are places to sit close to the dancefloor but feel like you are set back from it. Just off from this room is also a large lounge type area which has a large TV. If there are any sports scheduled to be on at the time of your wedding then I strongly recommend you tell your guests not to stay there for a couple of hours. I’ve seen this at many weddings!

higher trapp wedding photos bride and groom

Photographers: here are some helpful tips:


Why would you do this Paul? Well, I truly believe in anyone getting the wedding photographs they deserve. I know that I am not the best photographer out there but I also know that there are many up and coming photographers who need a bit of guidance. So this is to help:


  • If you are versed with off camera flash get two set up inside the arches. You don’t need to get them gridded but if you did grid them it would be cool to see the beam of light be focused.
  • For the bandstand night time shot a simple off camera light placed behind your couple and pointed up does the trick. The inside of the bandstand is white so the light bounces all around. It is incredibly easy to do. No need for a lightstand too!
  • If the top table is in the back of the room the light fall off from the open windows is quite strong. You may need to up your ISO if you are shooting au naturale.
  • The stairs. If you are catching a shot right before the ceremony and don’t have much time then I recommend bouncing the light to the left of you. There is wood panelling and lots of shiny surfaces. A high ISO shot can be achieved but watch for the window light to be blown out like something out of an apocalypse move. It is dark on the stairs.
  • Bridal suite photos. I would recommend a 35mm and an 85mm for these photos.
  • Group shots of everyone need a wide lens. If you a zoom shooter then 24mm end will be fine. If you are a prime shooter then get yourself the 20mm Art lens, lovely!


Paul this is great, I think I lo….. want to book you!


Superb! Do feel free to get in touch asap in order to secure your wedding date. As I am getting more in demand, am a featured photographer at a number of venues, am included in one venues wedding packages then I can honestly say that key dates go very quick. However, it’s best to get in touch because every now and then I don’t fill a date until the last minute, us photographers hate admitting that. I don’t though. As long as the financial targets are hit then I’m happy. If I did manage to get a Saturday off then that means day trip with my wife and kids!