Hazlewood Castle – Charlotte and Aidan

Hazlewood Castle – Charlotte & Aidan

This was my first ever Hazlewood Castle wedding and I am looking forward to coming back here for more. Hazlewood castle is not far from Leeds and if you are looking for more information on the way I work then I have a great article on Leeds wedding photography. The below image is one of my favourites.

Hazlewood Castle wedding photography

So where do I start with Charlotte & Aidan? Well let me put it this way: In life you meet people who are genuinely warm, affectionate and funny, which always helps! In this industry I get to meet people from all walks of life but it’s not like an office job where you see people everyday. I find it very inspiring when you meet people who you then learn about during the course of the wedding and who make you smile on the inside. Charlotte has a job which shows this caring side and you can totally see it! A caring woman who exudes calm, compassion and friendliness. Combine this with Aidan who is not only cool as you like but is incredibly witty. Like I didn’t realise how witty he was until the day steadily progressed. And what a day it was! I am truly greatful for this wedding. Yes I got to shoot at a new venue which will lead to more open doors. Yes I got paid which helps feed my wife and 3 kids. But I got the opportunity to meet people who have no idea just how much they can inspire you, just by being themselves.

Hazlewood Castle bridal make up

Hazlewood Castle wedding dress

Hazlewood Castle bride and wedding dress

I love the above image of Charlotte checking out her dress. I was so very glad I turned around and spotted this brief moment when I think she thought she was out of sight. Can you feel the excitement building? Then below, it was great to be able to see the guys before the wedding and Aidan was keen to get a shot before the ceremony. Perfect!

Hazlewood Castle groom and best man

Hazlewood Castle the first look was incredible

Hazlewood Castle the wedding very happy couple

Hazlewood Castle the wedding very happy couple laughing

What a beautiful ceremony. You can see the happiness on their faces, it just beams!

Hazlewood Castle the wedding reading

Hazlewood Castle the wedding group shot

Hazlewood Castle wedding bridesmaids formal

Hazlewood Castle wedding bride and groom

Hazlewood Castle wedding bride

Hazlewood Castle wedding groom

Hazlewood Castle wedding reception

Hazlewood Castle wedding confetti

Hazlewood Castle wedding Michael Mulholland

Hazlewood Castle wedding breakfast entrance

I was a big fan of the wedding reception room. It is show stopping. Also, great to see again Michael Mulholland who performed a beautiful acoustic set during the wedding breakfast. He also sang later on in the evening and was the DJ. He is superb and well worth checking out with a view to booking!

Hazlewood Castle wedding breakfast

Hazlewood Castle wedding portrait

Hazlewood Castle wedding bride and groom

Before the hilarious speeches I took the bride and groom out for a quick portrait session when I knew that there would be more chance of isolated spaces at the best views of the castle. Let’s be honest ladies, who doesn’t want to get married in a castle?

Hazlewood Castle wedding speeches

Hazlewood Castle groom speech

Hazlewood Castle best man speech

The info I get from speeches is brilliant. I did not know just how good a photographer Aidan was, what with his wonky horizons, out of focus buildings and to complete a perfect photo… a pigeon. Every photo needs a pigeon. Excellent speeches and good banter had all round. I loved hearing these. It was also a shock when Aidan thanked me at the start of the speech, even I was embarrassed!

Hazlewood Castle portrait

Hazlewood Castle legends

Hazlewood Castle bride and kids

Hazlewood Castle dogs

Dogs at a wedding! Need I say more. If you know me then you know I love dogs.

Hazlewood Castle wedding dancing

Hazlewood Castle wedding party

Hazlewood Castle wedding party time

Plenty of great dancing then it was time to take the happy couple out for a night portrait in front of their very own Hazlewood Castle. Wow.

Hazlewood Castle wedding photography