Gisburne Park Estate Weddings

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Gisburne Park Estate Weddings


A new year is upon us and 2017 sees the grand opening of Gisburne Park Estate Weddings. Just a short drive from my base at Skipton is this new wedding venue full of history and character. I am really looking forward to shooting my first wedding there! As one of the most sought after photographers in the area* I cannot wait to see my creative imagination go wild here.

About Gisburne Park Estate:

  • The estate itself is nestled amongst 1,000 acres of ancient countryside in the Ribble Valley. One thousand acres. Just let that sink in for a moment. It’s huge. If your partner is into sports then just let them know that is the equivalent of one thousand football or rugby pitches. It is that big!
  • There is 10 acres of land for you to roam around. Including a river, bridges and cliffs. Now, that is one incredible backdrop for your Gisburn park estate wedding photography!
  • You have exclusive access to a 3 bedroom house which overlooks the river. The bridal suite itself is said to be very impressive! I for one cannot wait to photograph the morning fun in there.
  • Marquees your thing? There is room for 150 of your nearest and dearest to entertain them in your marquee.

The Gisburne Park Estate Weddings team are allowing exclusive access for 3 days, which definitely goes to show that they want your day to be magical. As such, there is going to be a limited amount of weddings per year which can be undertaken. Imagine knowing that the estate is yours and yours only for 3 days. No interruptions from other people who may be booked at your venue or just passing by for a drink. That is priceless for many people!

Approaching the house is by a long tree lined private driveway. After a gentle drive down here the venue is upon you. Over the bridge there is the following for you to admire and immerse yourself in:

  • Riverside House has 3 bedrooms
  • The bridal suite has access by its own private staircase
  • There is a large dressing room, which is very important for the bridal preparations
  • 2 lounge areas, kitchen, dining room, downstairs WC and 2 family bathroom.

Across the grounds are:

  • 10 acres of countryside!
  • Bridges, river, cliffs for the all important photographs
  • Privacy amongst the rural setting

There is also accommodation for your guests including:

  1. Out door hot tubs!
  2. The accommodation is luxury lodges and cottages at Ribblesdale Park
  3. Each lodge and cottage has a rural and yet contemporary design.

I want to get married in a church

There is the stunning St Mary’s church literally 10 minutes down the road. This 12th century church sits in the middle of Gisburn and it is beautiful inside and out. I have been very welcomed by the vicar at each wedding I have shot there. Personally I tend to take family photographs infront of the church because it is so nice. Plus it stops people running off to the bar when the group shots need to be taken care of. That’s one thing about me, I don’t take long with the group photographs. That’s not because I am one of these photographers who dislikes taking groupshots. Instead, I take control, am commanding and very cheeky. You get the group shots you want, in as little time as possible and then you can all get celebrating your weddings. Around this area, there isn’t many photographers who can control groups of people like me.

Gisburne Park Estate Weddings

Imagining a Gisburne Park Estate Wedding

So as I mentioned earlier the venue is yours for 3 days. To give you some kind of idea of what to expect here is a little timeline of events.


  • Arrive at 2pm and settle in at Riverside House and the garden marquee.
  • Maybe prep the marquee with the finishing touches to your theme.
  • You could also leave the marquee setting up to the team – a nice touch!
  • Pre wedding dinner with some of your guests. I cannot recommend this enough! Not just here but in any wedding. So many brides and grooms are up late the night before due to having things to do. It is so amazing if you can get the night before to your close ones. Have a meal and a relaxing drink.
  • One of you will sleep in Riverside House and one of the lodges can be used for your partner.


  • Typically you will be getting married today, hence the 3 day timeline.
  • Fancy a croissant and champagne breakfast delivered to you?
  • Get pampered in the large dressing room.
  • Champagne and canope reception in the grounds.
  • Photographs in the grounds, ideally from myself of course!
  • When it is time to eat your wedding breakfast will be served in the marquee. This has glass panelled windows overlooking the river.
  • The marquee is a full on party in the evening, right up to 1am. Perfect!


  • Riverside House is yours until 4pm. Four pm. Unbelievable!
  • You can even arrange a morning after brunch for your guests. I absolutely love this idea! I had the pleasure of doing something similar at one of my friends weddings last year. We loved seeing everyone again in the morning and swapping stories about the dancefloor antics.

Other excellent facilities and worthy mentions.

There is even more to discover, such as:

  • A heated outdoor swimming pool!! It looks like something from a holiday brochure.
  • There are deer in the estate.
  • The bridges make a romantic place for you to take a leisurely stroll.

This family run business looks to have carved out a luxury niche here. I wish them all the best and I am sure it will be a success. For more information do visit their website:

For more information on my wedding photography you can contact me here.

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