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Skipton Castle Wedding – A Fairytale

Another Skipton Castle Wedding and this one was certainly one to remember. I have known the bride for quite some time. In true Skipton fashion you kind of know everyone. Hannah cut my wifes hair and eventually cut mine too. She worked at Hair of World and Beauty, where the days proceedings commenced. The remainder of the preparations finished at the family home, which was round the corner where we ourselves used to live!

world of hair and beauty 1

world of hair and beauty 2

morning prep 1

morning prep 2

morning prep 4

The Skipton Wedding Commences

Soon it was onto Skipton Castle for the UK wedding of Hannah and Gav. As Hannah moved with Gav to start a new life in NZ they had 2 weddings. One incredible looking one back in Gav’s hometown and this incredible fairy tale wedding in Hannah’s home.

skipton castle pre wedding 1

skipton castle pre wedding 2

skipton castle pre wedding 3

skipton castle pre wedding 4

skipton castle pre wedding 5

skipton castle pre wedding 6

skipton castle wedding ceremony 1

skipton castle wedding ceremony 2

skipton castle wedding ceremony 3

skipton castle wedding ceremony 4

skipton castle wedding ceremony 5

skipton castle wedding ceremony 6

I have to admit that it is always great when I see people who I know or who have known through various points in my time in Skipton. It helps greatly and everyone feels even more at ease.

skipton castle wedding ceremony 7

skipton castle wedding ceremony 8

skipton castle wedding ceremony 9

skipton castle wedding ceremony 10

The castle is a great place to hold a ceremony and the room is actually very light and airy. It’s just so cool!!!

skipton castle wedding ceremony 11

skipton castle wedding ceremony 12

skipton castle wedding ceremony 13

skipton castle wedding ceremony 14

skipton castle guests 1

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skipton castle guests 3

skipton castle wedding car

Skipton Castle Wedding Photography

It was raining outside, not too much, but enough to keep the guests indoors. This didn’t stop the 3 of us from getting some great portraits. I’m glad that H&G was fine with getting a little damp because if not then they wouldn’t have some epic photographs from the castle.

skipton castle wedding photography 1

skipton castle wedding 1

skipton castle wedding photography 2

skipton castle wedding 2

skipton castle wedding photography 3

skipton castle wedding 3

skipton castle wedding photography 4

skipton castle wedding 4

skipton castle wedding photography 5

skipton castle wedding 6

skipton castle wedding photography 6

skipton castle wedding 7

Due to the rain the group shots had to be taken indoors. Not at problem at Skipton Caslte! The room oozed character and as far as indoor locations go I was impressed with how these turned out.

skipton castle wedding group shot 1

skipton castle wedding group shot 2

skipton castle wedding group shot 3

skipton castle wedding group shot 4

skipton castle wedding group shot 5

skipton castle wedding group shot 6

skipton castle wedding group shot 7

skipton castle wedding group shot 8

Napiers Restaurant Skipton

napiers skipton 1

napiers skipton 2

Great to be working at Napiers for a wedding! I also saw Nick (superbly experienced at weddings) for the first time in a while. We all knew it would be handled to perfection on the day!

napiers skipton 3

napiers skipton 4

napiers skipton 5

napiers skipton 6

napiers skipton 7

napiers skipton 8

napiers skipton 9

napiers skipton 10

napiers skipton 11

napiers skipton 12

During the day we was literally dodging rain showers and we did really well to avoid being wet.

napiers skipton 13

napiers skipton 14

napiers skipton 15

The kids were the stars of the show and you will see why later too.

napiers skipton 16

napiers skipton 17

Ackroyds Wine Bar Skipton

napiers skipton 18

napiers skipton 19

napiers skipton 20

ackroyds wine bar skipton 1

Above and below is 2 local legends in their own right!

ackroyds wine bar skipton 2

ackroyds wine bar skipton 3

ackroyds wine bar skipton 4

ackroyds wine bar skipton 5

ackroyds wine bar skipton 6

Just look at the kids putting the adults to shame on the dancefloor! They had some serious moves!

ackroyds wine bar skipton 7

ackroyds wine bar skipton 8

ackroyds wine bar skipton 9

ackroyds wine bar skipton 10

ackroyds wine bar skipton 11

ackroyds wine bar skipton 12

ackroyds wine bar skipton 13

ackroyds wine bar skipton 14

It was great to be at Ackroyds in a different capacity rather than drinking. On a side note we also held an xmas eve party for our current youngest sons 1st birthday. What a place!

ackroyds wine bar skipton 15

ackroyds wine bar skipton 16

ackroyds wine bar skipton 17

ackroyds wine bar skipton 18

ackroyds wine bar skipton 19

ackroyds wine bar skipton 20

ackroyds wine bar skipton 21

I love photographing weddings at Skipton Castle. The whole team looks after you like it is a fairy tale wedding. It’s pretty special! You have to experience it to believe it. I personally am treat extremely well – you just cannot knock that personal touch nowadays! Thanks to all involved, I truly loved this wedding!

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