Epic Falcon Manor Wedding Photography Guide

Epic Falcon Manor Wedding Photography Guide

2016 saw me undertake wedding photography at Falcon Manor for the first time. This new wedding venue is located in Settle, North Yorkshire, just a short drive from where I am based in Skipton. This is going to be a detailed and informative post about what to expect from a Falcon Manor wedding. So, grab yourself a brew and have a good read of this guide by one of the local areas most in demand wedding photographers.

What will be covered in this post:

* The entrance to Falcon Manor
* Where to have your group photos
* Options for the couples portraits
* Night time portraits options
* Ceremony room
* Where to go after the wedding
* Where to eat
* The bridal suite
* The all important bar
* The evening party
* Photographer Bonus – helpful tips for successful Falcon Manor wedding photography

Approaching Falcon Manor

When you first turn into Falcon Manor you will notice that the manor itself is close to the road. Don’t let that worry you, you won’t hear it. As you enter Falcon you will see that the room in which you get married and also have your wedding breakfast is at the far side. Again this puts you away from the road. So you really don’t need to worry about the road. I have had couples speak to me about Falcon and the road being one of the reasons which they have discounted it as their wedding venue. Dont let it bother you.

Where to take your photos

Group photos

Quite simply Falcon Manor wedding photography is easy because everything is so well contained and you have a great option right infront of you. The steps. Now I suppose that this all depends on how your photographer interacts with people. If you know what I am like then you will know that I am quick and commanding when it comes to getting everyone together for the group photos. You will also know that I am a cheeky one so everyone listens to me, including that crazy drunk unlce and tipsy aunt we all love. By the steps is a fantastic opportunity to get a huge group shot of everyone who was there. I love it as I don’t need to climb onto anything!
Then, when the time comes to do the formal portraits you can opt to use the steps again, or turn everyone around and have them on the grass for some long portraits.
What are long portraits?
These are portraits of group shots in which professional photographers use the long (or zoomed far out) part of the lens. It creates a nice effect and with you being further away from your subject people are generally more relaxed about having their photo taken. Which is a bonus.

Couple portraits

For your own portraits you have use of the grounds outside. You may want to choose to drive to another location if you are looking for more space as the space outside is one of the smallest of all the local wedding venues around. If you have children at the wedding expect them to be running around the lawned garden and needing to be hid away for a short while. If you have all the lawned garden to yourself then there really isn’t any need to go anywhere else. On a huge plus side all of this space is literally a hop, skip and a jump away from where you would say your vows. So if you don’t want to go anywhere else for photos then you are at a perfect wedding venue. Just at the side of the lawn is one of my favourite places for individual photos. Again, don’t worry if you feel close to the road or the houses as you are well covered in foliage.
Falcon Manor wedding bride

Night time portraits

With there being a cracking view of Falcon Manor on the lawned garden it means that you can get some cracking night time portraits like this:
falcon manor wedding photography

The ceremony room

Falcon Manor has quite possibly one of the nicest rooms to get married in. It is wide enough to fit two rows of chairs but long enough to make your wedding look incredibly popular. Sounds odd but many couples fear that a place might look empty. Not here. Just check out the ceiling in the photo below as an example. I used a super wide angle to get a lot of the ceiling in the below shot.
falcon manor wedding photography room
From a photography point of view this does make things very easy. To your right is the big windows which let in loads of natural light. This light almost bounces around the room and means that your photos have a very appealing texture to them. When it comes to Falcon Manor wedding photography I am based at the front, to the side of the registrars. From here I can get you walking down the ailse and catching that first glimpse as you meet your parner at the front. The signing of the register is also in a beautiful setting. I have seen this room set up beautifully by Creative Events and they go there regularly too.

What about after the wedding?

Well from here you are free to mingle, enjoy your canopes and have some drinks of course. There is the beautiful lawned garden to go onto if you dont mind your heels being on the grass. I know, but some brides do! However, outside is at the “side” of the manor and you have the steps there. Just make sure if you have any kids that they are safe around steps. Our youngest is a pain when it comes to steps so I wanted to give you the heads up. Now, to the side of the steps is about 5 or so tables with chairs. There is a lot of outside mingling space! I’ve been lucky enough to photograph here in the warm summer months and there was no rain. So outside there was garden games for the kids and enough space for the adults to really chill out overlooking the stunning views. Sounds good doesn’t it? No I am not being paid to write this and I will write my honest opinions. If you know me, then you know I like to tell it as it is.
Remember what I said earlier about the couple portraits? Well just bear in mind that if you have children or garden games around that these may get in the shot. But if you know me then you will probably know that I have a way of getting people and kids out of the shot. I won’t put it on here but as me and my wife are about to have  4 children of our own then it is safe to say I have some awesome tricks to get kids to do what I want and when I want it haha.

Where do we eat and have speeches?

In the room where you have just been married. There is an extension to the main room which can accommodate an extra table or tables to put the sweets, post box and other things on. I like the latter idea! Inside there is a little squeezing around to be honest but don’t let that put you off. At least your guests will be close by to hear the fun and games of what the next table is doing.
Falcon Manor wedding speech

I am getting ready in the bridal suite, what is it like?

Oh. Em. Gee. Like, seriously. Ok, that is a bit over the top but trust me, the bridal suite is amazing. It has one of the highest ceilings I have come across. The room itself is huge so there is plenty of scope for us photographers. For you both there is a raised  poster bed, lounge area, stunning en suite and enough space to swing a lion around. It really is something else. I have been in this room with a bride, about 6 girls under the age of 13, adult bridesmaids , hairdressers and make up girls. Did it feel cramped? Not. One. Bit. There was so much room that I could get creative. From a photography point of view this really is a stunning place to photograph the bride getting ready. But hang on a sec… if there is a same sex wedding about to take place at Falcon Manor then you best call shotgun asap because you will both want this room!

What’s the bar like?

Great! It has a very good selection of single malt whisky, as I cloked them straight away. Apart from that I couldn’t tell you much more as I was busy working away. I may well just have to pop in for a drink and see if my wife wants to play designated driver whilst I conduct some more “thorough reasearch.” If everyone is in the bar it can actually get cramped but some people do fill out to a seating area just past the bar. To the other side of the bar is the area where you first walk in. This area is dark but next to the fire so is very warm if it is a bit chilly. Expect your photos to have red colour casts due to the darkness, pushing the cameras sensor and, if used, the light from the flash bouncing off deep red walls. This is one part of the manor I would personally change to all white or a similar light shade.

Where do we party the night away?

Again you will be back in the room you were married in and had your wedding breakfast in. The dancefloor area is small. This does have some benefits in that it looks busy if not many people are dancing. However, if you have a band then they will actually take up quite a lot of the dancefloor and due to the shape of the room this will eat into any dancing area. If this was me getting married here I would make sure that there was only 2 tables at the far side of the room, or ideally none at all and just have chairs in the room. Why? It is great having enough space to dance and if you put too many tables into a room of this size you will just end up with people at the tables and not wanting to get up and dance. People will wonder out of the room and sit down, it happens at all weddings. So, if they are sat outside of the room then honestly, don’t worry about it. Wouldn’t you rather have the crazy uncle and tipsy aunt just 2 steps away from rocking the dancefloor? I would.
Falcon Manor wedding party

This shot was with a 35mm Art lens.


For your Falcon Manor wedding photography I think it is crucial that your photographer has wide angle lenses. I get a lot of photographers reading this and if you are a wedding photographer who is looking for tips on shooting here then I’ll outline some helpful tips at the end.

Helpful tips for Falcon Manor wedding photography success:

Why would you do this Paul? Well, I am a strong believer that good wedding photography is important. I also would love it if this industry is regulated. So, as I get a lot of photographers read my blog and stumble upon it in the search engines I thought I would help you out. Here goes:
1) Bring off camera flash as the main room can be a squeeze. If you have to have flash on camera then you can bounce it, but with the size of the room there will be more chances of shadows.
2) There is tons of light in the main room during the day. Honestly, you won’t need to worry about high ISO’s and you don’t need to worry about setting a wide aperture if you don’t want too. You will only need to use flash when it goes dark. See tip 1. Then do a little jig.
3) The bridal suite has a limited amount of window light. I would recommend getting a flash off camera just to add a bit more to the room. Other than that, you will love the room.
4) Get a wide angle for the dancefloor shots, I am talking 14 to 24mm wide. You will be limited with a 50mm prime on the dancefloor but a 35mm prime on your second body would still be a good addition to a super wide angle.
5) Enjoy the steps – they are wonderful for a group shot of everyone and if you are loud like me then your voice travels. Winner!
Hope this helps other photographers too.

Paul, we need to book you! You sound like you know what you are doing?!

Yeah I’m alright me. Drop me a line and lets take it from there.