Ultimate East Riddlesden Hall Wedding Photography Guide

Ultimate East Riddlesden Hall Wedding Photography Guide

Yorkshire wedding photographerWelcome to this post, which is a detailed guide to East Riddlesden Hall wedding photography and also how to make the most out of your day there. It is an honest account of a working photographer and I am not being paid to say anything in this guide. As such, you may read things which you may not want to hear but you will find inspiration and get some good knowledge. There is also some bonus tips for photographers in here too, as us photographers always snoop on each other blogs. We just don’t always admit it, which is odd! Sit down, have a brew and a good read.

What will be featured in this guide:

* The location
* Where to take group shots
* Locations to take your couple portraits
* The barn for the ceremony
* After the ceremony
* Dealing with the public at East Riddlesden Hall
* Facilities
* Wedding breakfast
* Party time
* Photographer Bonus – helpful tips for successful East Riddlesden Hall wedding photography

The location and grounds:

One of the first things you will notice about the entrance to the hall is the superb gate which you first lay eyes on. This just sets the scene wonderfully and from there you have the large pond and the hall in the background. To the left is the barn in which your wedding ceremony and day will be held. From a wedding photography point of view there is lots to get stuck into here and it really does give you somewhere great to have your couple portraits.

east riddlesden wedding

Where to take your photos:

The groups:

This is the beauty of this wedding venue. You can have some group shots infront of the barn doors if you wish! I personally haven’t done that as I opt for the view over the water and like to shoot with the sun behind my subjects where possible. The sun does shine into the path of the barn doors so do bear that in mind if you are a squinter. On an overcast day this would be a cool addition to any group shots. When I have been there it has been like on holiday so we avoided the squinting which the sun causes. You could also go around to East Riddlesden Hall itself and get some of the key group photos there.

all the wedding ladiesI want group photos but my photographer insists on only doing a few:

Yeah, sorry about that. It’s a trend in the photography community at the moment. If you don’t mind few photos then great, but if you want all the key family group shots by a photographer who is great at gathering people up then do consider me. Shameless plug but I am an extrovert and am not shy of people.

The couple portraits:

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to East Riddlesden Hall wedding photography. I personally would recommend splitting the time of your portraits up into 2 occasions lasting no more than 15 minutes each. This means you can see the stunning venue when the light is different. Also, just before I leave for the day I like to take 5 with the couple to get some awesome night portraits like this:
east riddlesden hall wedding

You can go around the outside of the hall via the back and have various photos in the foliage. There are some great options and each photo op is literally a few metres from the last. We really have to hand it to the National Trust here, they really do have their house in order. From a photography point of view this really is up there with places to get fantastic couple portraits.

east riddlesden wedding photosThe barn for the ceremony:

I am going to give you a big tip here. Ask for the barn doors to be open. Worry about the tourists another time, more on that later. The reason I say this is that the barn is very dark. Our eyes cope with them well but with the barn doors closed you will find that your photographer has to either use flash or use some crazy high ISO camera settings which reduce the quality of the photographs. For the photographers reading this:
1) there are tips later
2) if you are reading this thinking “pffft, why can’t he just use the high ISO!” You can, noise is barely an issue with high ISO’s now many of us drop £2-£5k on a camera body. But dynamic colour range and the saturation from any yellow light source brings into your photos is a problem.

Now, where was I. Yes, have the barn doors open. OK, you may see some members of the public walk past and no doubt look in. But you will have stunning light fall into you and the sun, albeit pointing at you, is high anyway, so it is not a problem. The barn really is stunning and I have seen various inspiration photographs which show the creativity some people have in dressing the room.

After the ceremony:

Providing it is dry you will be outside in a beautiful setting. There is views galore and your guests can enjoy a little stroll too! It really is a stunning place is East Riddlesden Hall. Now, I used to live around the corner and take my dog here. The place is that nice! Also, if you see a ghost of a rabbit then that’s our Milo. We scattered his ashes on a tree at the hall. Yes, we are that sad haha. Back to your guests. Outside there is places where your guests can sit down such as hay bales and having the drinks outside is something else.

Dealing with the public:

One of the challenges of East Riddlesden Hall wedding photography is dealing with the public. If you want someone who has no shame and will ask people to move if they are in the shot then you really should consider hiring me. If you already have a photographer booked then give them the heads up that they need to be aware that people could get in their shots and to do something about this.

If they are unsure and give you the “oh but I don’t curate the day, I stand back and visualise everything through my camera, like I did when my father gave me my first camera at 5 years old” speech which is common nowadays then…. well… um… I can’t help so just expect members of the public in some of your wedding photographs. I have personally had to move some people, including one photographer who insisted on moving back into frame to get a photo which I could only imagine was of the back of the bride. Whatever floats your boat I guess. My point is, your photographer will need to take control if members of the public aren’t respectful.

Facilities at East Riddlesden Hall:

With this post being mainly about East Riddlesden Hall wedding photography I shall keep this section short. Brides, grooms and wedding guests may find this helpful though. There are no rooms to get ready here. It is a beautiful National Trust property and as such it is not a hotel. You and your guests will have to find somewhere else to stay, but I suspect you already know that.

There is a bar, which is quite limited so I would personally get a list of drinks that are available and email this to your wedding guests. Seriously. Only because I attend so many weddings a year that there is always some guests who, after a couple of drinks, moan. Yes moan. Can’t please everyone! I went to a wedding as a guest, knew the drinks options were limited beforehand so I knew what to expect. It was an ace wedding. My expectations were met.

Toilet facilities. Ladies, if you can walk to the toilets I would recommend doing so. Guys, you too. Why do you say this? Well the toilets are about 30 metres or so from the barn. There is a golf buggy that can drop you off, but it does wait for you. Bit awkward at times I guess. Guys, walk your partner there and back, earn some brownie points haha.

The wedding breakfast:

Again, this is in the barn and what a stunning place it is to have your wedding reception. It is dark but with the right off camera lighting this can just lift the light levels to a decent amount. If you have fairy lights then this is a bonus. I strongly recommend getting fairy lights in this barn!

Party time:

What I love about weddings at East Riddlesden Hall was that the barn is used as if it is split into two. So after you have eaten, had the speeches you can pop outside or stay for the very quick turnaround time. The dancefloor is there and the DJ would have likely set up. If you have a band then again they won’t be exactly waiting for you to move out of your seats before they can at least start setting up doing the quiet things. I would put money on that the team here have never had a late first dance that is down to the team.

east riddlesden hall dancefloor

Helpful tips for East Riddlesden Hall wedding photography success:

Why would you do this Paul? Well, I am a strong believer that good wedding photography is important. I also would love it if this industry is regulated. So as I get a lot of photographers read my blog and stumble upon it in the search engines I thought I would help you out.


  1. If you turn up to the ceremony and the barn doors are closed then speak to the registrars as soon as possible. Ideally have some OCF set up, but do be prepared for a bit of a push back. If using super high ISO’s the barn can have a warm yellow colour cast which will only be exaggerated by the wide aperture, slower shutter speed and high ISO. Be ready to do a lot of work in post to get ride of this. If the barn doors are open then have a blast!
  2. Members of the public will try and get shots of the bride if she just walked out of the barn. I don’t know what your people skills are like but you best move fast in taking charge because there is a road straight outside of the barn. People will come too close as they use the camera phone on foot zoom mode.
  3. Have fun with the couple portraits. Seriously you will love it and be like a kid in a sweet shop as you strut around getting epic portraits. Just keep an eye out for tourists, most are polite but some will think it is OK to half crouch, like that makes a difference!
  4. Use off camera flash – there is nowhere to bounce the flash, unless you put it on full power and hope you either manage to hit the barn roof or if you risk bouncing it into someones face. High lightstands with cross lighting is good here.
  5. Sun position – the sun is likely over by the large pond. So expect a lot of backlight and the potential for shadows. You could use fill flash here too.

Paul, we need to book you! You sound like you know what you are doing?!

Yeah I’m alright me. Pop me a line and lets take it from there.