Coniston Winter Wedding

Coniston Winter Wedding

Coniston Winter Wedding

I love a Coniston Winter Wedding! It wouldn’t be a complete wedding season for me unless I have been here over xmas time. So when I knew that I was to capture the incredible day of Lynne and Andy I was over the moon before I even met them! I have some sneak peeks here for you all to see. For everyone who was at the wedding a big hello from me! I’ll likely put a few words under some of the photos too. Enjoy!

coniston hotel at winter

Above: I honestly never, ever tire of this view. I can’t comprehend ever getting tired of this view. Each time I come the clouds are different and the colours are different. The trees might be bare or full. The lake might be still or frozen. It’s just something else. Below: I was over the moon when I saw Macleouds (runs off to spell check after posting this) was all decorated for an xmas wedding. Stunning!

coniston hotel winter wedding


The flowers were nothing short of beautiful and I have to say it was so refreshing to see Lynne and the girls ready by the time I turned up. I just knew that nothing will be late, which is very important this time of year as you will see later on.



Above, huge shot out to Matthew Schofield for his ridiculously amazing piano skills. I’ve been privileged to hear him at a good number of weddings now and I am always impressed by the music he performs.


Andy: “Paul you look nervous!” as I see him before the ceremony. Cracked me up did that! I didn’t know what to say as most of the funny banter I get at weddings I am prepared for but that was a new one! Best man Mike was funny too and made us chuckle during the signing of the register.




Beautiful ceremony with some touching vows. It was also nice to see some laughs too!



After the “I do’s” came the drinks. There was mulled wine on offer too!


Big thank you to everyone for the group shot here. Told you I would get you all in! Then it was outside for some group shots. It was cold. Very cold. Everyone did brilliantly despite the cold and the ice. Thanks!



We took the Philip Schofield mobile (my dad-car rocking its Diesel engine) and popped down to the lake.


Looking at the colours here you can see the orange. This is the sun setting! It was bitterly cold but we all seemed OK and just got on with having fun during the shoot. My fave moment was when we all cracked up over Andy’s trout pout face. Haha that was hilarious!




Even during a Coniston winter wedding the conservatory is warm! I love that place!




Cracking speeches and some funny stories were told too!



Above: I loved the cake and it fit the xmas / winter scene perfectly.



It’s Frank! Well not the real Frank Sinatra but he was bloomin good! He even talked like him when introducing songs etc. However I can confirm his real name is not Frank.



The last shot of this incredible Coniston winter wedding was under the stars. Here we got the silhouette look and this was a shot which both Lynne and Andy loved after seeing it in my album.

Thanks so much for allowing me to be part of your special day. It was my honour!