Laura & Richard’s Snowy Adventure

Laura & Richard’s Snowy Adventure

Just the other week we had the Coniston Hotel Winter Pre Wedding Shoot of Laura & Richard. It turned out to be an epic snowy adventure because we had a ridiculous blizzard. Rolling back the clock, when I first met Laura & Richard we got on like a house on fire. Yes there was the usual speak about weddings and me trying not to look like Puss In Boots hoping for the booking. But instead there was loads of laughter about the wedding planning and life in general. When it came to the pre wedding shoot that click was still there and again we got on like a house on fire. I really do love it when things are so comfortable we can just be ourselves.

Coniston Hotel Winter Pre Wedding ShootConiston pre wedding shoot

The weather was so bad it was hilarious. Out came my spare brolly and L&R just braved it!

Coniston pre wedding lake snow

Just look at the sky, it was just dull cloud yet the photographs came out superb if I don’t mind saying so myself! What isn’t showing in this weather was just a) how windy it was at times and b) how cold it was. Mighty cold.

Coniston pre wed black and white

But look at how great these two look!!! The photography cliches tell you to write “the couple looked so elegant in the drizzling soft snow…” But actually, the real phrase is something like “despite Yorkshire being on true northern form, these two smashed it out of the park and made it look easy!”

Coniston Hotel snow shoot

Just look at how happy they are! In the end it didn’t matter about the weather, just embrace it and have fun.

Coniston snow pre wedding shoot

Coniston Hotel Winter Pre Wedding Shoot

Another lucky escape with the weather! I loved every minute of this Coniston Hotel Winter Pre Wedding Shoot which I have dubbed “Laura & Richard’s Snowy Adventure.”

I had an absolute blast on this shoot. Despite possibly freaking out over the cold at times. Maybe. Roll on the wedding! Can’t wait to see these two amazing people be man and wife!





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