Coniston Hotel Wedding Lynne and Aidan

Coniston Hotel Wedding – Lynne & Aidan

I just love a Coniston Hotel Wedding, even if the ceremony doesn’t take place there. Now this particular wedding was a blast! So, Lynne was a bridesmaid at my very first wedding back in 2009. As for Aidan, we have danced on the same dancefloors in some of the finest clubs in the country. When they are together it all makes perfect sense! The day started off at their new home, so new that the drive was being paved on the morning of the wedding. To quote Aidan: “It will be fine.” Luckily it was as although I had to park around the corner thankfully the wedding car driver could get up to the house. The day was starting off with good luck!

Bride shoes and rings

Bridal make up

Groom in church

Mother of bride

Groom waiting

The ceremony took place at The Methodist Church in Burley in Wharfedale. A big thanks to Tim for allowing me at the front and for giving such a great service.

Bride ready to make entrance

The first look

I love the first look that the bride and groom give each other. Even I was beaming with smiles throughout this service!

Methodist church Burley in wharfedale

Methodist church Burley wharfedale

ring exchange

confetti time

wedding car being waved off

After the couple got whisked away it was onto The Coniston Hotel for the wedding reception.

Bannister suite Coniston Hotel

wedding car Coniston hotel

Yorkshire pianist Matthew Schofield

Above is resident pianist Matthew Schofield putting on another superb performance. Below is the fantastic work of Creative Events.

Coniston Hotel Bannister suite

Coniston Hotel Bannister suite bride and groom

father of bride speech

Bannister suite

The speeches were indeed funny and I always like hearing the background story to peoples lives.

grooms speech

best man speech

coniston hotel family portrait

Above is my very first wedding couple from back in 2009 and now they have two gorgeous girls. Happy to bits for them!

bride and groom portrait

coniston hotel wedding lake

bride at coniston hotel

The weather was very windy and looked like it could rain. We actually decided to go with the “it will be fine” mantra and go for the bride and groom portraits after the wedding breakfast. This worked out well as we got some sunshine break through but the clouds still looked great for the photographs.

bride and groom at coniston hotel

coniston hotel wedding guests

bride and daughter portrait

coniston hotel first dance

bannister suite party time

After first dance the dancefloor was swamped with guests! Resident DJ Jacko was on form and played some great get up party tunes but also threw in some trance, as per the couple!

bannister suite party

coniston hotel dancefloor

Coniston Hotel wedding photography

Last shot of the night was outside and what a magical ending to an amazing day.

I’d also like to say a huge thank you to the team at Coniston. Once again they were absolutely ON POINT! There is simply nothing that they won’t do to make the day go smoothly and from a personal point of view as soon as I turn into the Coniston grounds I am even more at ease than I normally am at weddings. This is because there is a huge element of organisation and expertise in the team which shines through. My first time working on a wedding day with Sophie (I normally have Sharon the legend) and it was plain sailing throughout, thanks for the help with the change of plans! I loved how when a certain track came on in the soundcheck that half the team knew it and its significance – golden moment! Also, I was sat down for a 3 course meal and the food was amazing. There was nothing left on my plate!



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