Barden Tower – Hannah & Domingo

The Barden Tower Wedding Of Hannah & Domingo

This was another Barden Tower Wedding which I will cherish for a number of reasons. From a “work” point of view this is the first wedding I have shot whereby the Old Chapel was the focal point. Wow. Simply stunning. Have a scroll down and look for yourselves. I am blown away by how nice this looks. It is warm (sounds silly I know but it does help!) and helps this already great wedding venue elevate to being one of the best for miles.

From a personal point of view I felt incredibly welcome, like I always do, but also like part of the family. I had my own seat and was put next to some of the nicest people too. Scroll down for more ramblings from myself in between each picture.

barden moor

Although I am originally a Manchester wedding photographer, I do love it around here!

the old chapel wedding ceremony

Not only do I love driving over the moors but now whenever I am heading over to do a Barden Tower wedding I will be even more excited.

the old chapel priests house


barden tower bride and father

Always nice to have a bride early so I can get a few pictures. It is actually really rare! Hannah was oh so chilled, it was excellent!

barden tower bride and bridesmaids

the priests house old chapel wedding

barden tower bride walking in

I can only imagine the excitement walking up to this stunning venue and about to see your man!

old chapel skipton

barden tower wedding photographer

barden tower wedding photography

barden tower best man

barden tower wedding ceremony

the priests house the old chapel wedding

During the ceremony I had the most amazing view of the wedding. I think I had the best seat in the house! Just look at how gorgeous this is. Everyone is so happy! It was like this for the whole day!!!

barden tower wedding exit

barden tower group shot

barden tower family group three

barden tower family group two

barden tower family group

A tad nippy outside yet when the group shots were finished people still stayed out to enjoy the Yorkshire beauty. Yes it is not the nice hot Spanish weather we all know and love but when you are in a place like this you just have to take up the beauty.

barden tower wedding confetti

groom details

bridal bouquet

the priests house bride and groom

Hannah and Domingo, one of the warmest couples I have had the pleasure of meeting!

the priests house bride and groom wedding

the old chapel barden tower wedding

child laughing

This little one was so adorable! Below, big shout out to Chris who helped translate a few things for me. He worked so hard and partied even harder later on. Loved this wedding!!!

old chapel barden tower





barden tower sparklers





The party was well under way nice and early. It didn’t take much for everyone to get into the spirit of things. Below; I wanted to get an epic shot of H&D infront of the ruins with the clear sky. I think this was well worth the effort.

barden tower wedding night portrait