Addingham Ilkley and Wetherby Wedding Photography

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Award winning Addingham Ilkley and Wetherby Wedding Photography based in Skipton and covers the Yorkshire Dales. Most of you will no doubt guess that I am primarily Skipton based wedding photographer. I do travel outside of Skipton and for the wedding of Charlotte and Anthony I started my day in Addingham, by Ilkley and ended it over in Wetherby. It was a cold day but the sun was shining bright and it stayed lovely and clear throughout the day! If you know me personally or have seen me wandering through Skipton and the Yorkshire Dales with my camera then you have probably seen me with my dog. I love dogs. So when I turned up for bridal preparations and was greeted by two I knew that it was going to be a relaxed atmosphere. It was! After the bridal preparations went by nice and calmly I headed to the church. Here we was very fortunate to have an understanding vicar who allowed photograph at various points of the ceremony, including upstairs! It is still worth pointing out that I was very respectful and did me best not to distract anyone during the ceremony. This is crucial because I hear stories about photographers (often not the regular pros mind you) taking liberties in the church and then it causes a ban on photography. I myself have been banned for taking photographs at one wedding before now because of an over zealous guest trying out his new you. So, respect has to be given. When the service was finished we headed off to The Bridge hotel in Wetherby which has a stunning main room. All in all this was a great, if not chilly day! Here is a selection of photographs from the day:



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