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Skipton Wedding Photographer Paul Chantrey Welcomes You!

If you are looking for a Skipton Wedding Photographer then you have come to the right place! Take a look around the site to see more photographs from a seasoned professional. Do scroll down for tips and tricks to help you with your wedding planning. Plus, you can also view this page as a little guide to booking your photographer. I cover a wide variety of locations across Yorkshire, Lancashire, The Lake District and the north of England.

When you decided to book your wedding most people choose a date, location or venue and before the dress or suits are sorted they book their photographer as soon as they can. Wait?! What?! Seems crazy doesn’t it? I first found it a little crazy myself when I started to photograph weddings back in 2009. When getting to know the couple it often cropped up that they still had to sort the dress or suit after booking myself. If you are looking for a Leeds Wedding Photographer then I have further information on a separate page. If you are in search of a Harrogate Wedding Photographer, then I have you covered.

Skipton Photographers – Quite a Few Of Us

There are quite a lot of Skipton photographers. Therefore, some of the tips below will help with choosing the right photographer for you.

What To Look For In Your Skipton Wedding Photographer

There are many things to consider when choosing the right Skipton wedding photographer. Below I will list some of the most important things to consider.

  • Do you like their style? This sounds obvious but some couples just book the first Skipton wedding photographer they come across.
  • How experienced is the photographer? I for example have shot over 150 weddings.
  • Are they insured? You wouldn’t drive a car without insurance and your wedding photographer should have not only equipment insurance but public liability and indemnity insurance.
  • Do you get on with each other? You will be with this wedding supplier for most of the day. It’s better if you are like friends who can communicate well with each other.
  • Do they have back up equipment? Back up equipment is exactly that, for back ups. In order to appease risk any professional must identify back ups as equipment other than what they use during the wedding itself. For example, I have 2 cameras on my person at all times. If one fails (never happened yet touch wood) then I get another out of the bag and carry on shooting. A second camera is not a back up.
  • Can your Skipton photographer control off camera flash? This is a biggie and not all photographers realise this. Here in sunny Yorkshire…. Oh wait… it is not always sunny. Yep…. It is not always light enough in our venues and off camera flash can not only produce epic portraits but save your wedding photographs.
  • Is it you who shoots the wedding? This may sound odd but I have been contacted by brides who have been let down by their photographer. The reason? After the deposit had cleared the news filtered through that a member of their network will attend your day instead. It’s a money making scheme and this makes me and many other professional photographers sad.
  • What happens if they are ill? Professionals always have a back up plan! See the note about camera equipment. When illness strikes there should always be a back up plan. Pros often network for this very reason. Touch wood it has never happened to me and I have personally never been called on. But having a back up or four just in case does feel nice to know.
  • Is this your full time job? I am a full time based in Skipton wedding photographer. Now I am not saying that it should only matter that the person taking your wedding pictures should be full time. But, can a part time person commit all that is necessary to deliver high quality images and to schedule. Maybe, maybe not. From a personal point of view I can hand on heart say that I am a better Leeds wedding photographer ever since I turned full time. Why you say? I simply spend more time honing my craft and have more time to deliver outstanding service to my clients.
  • Has the Skipton wedding photographer worked at my venue before? This is an interesting one. Does it matter to you that much? I ask this as each year I go to new venues and sometimes I pull off some of my best ever work. This is a combination of having a fresh take on things and also being more competent than I was previously. However, there are many local venues such as Coniston, Stirk House, Red Lion and Devonshire Fell in Burnsall, Skipton Castle, Devonshire Arms, Cracoe Village Hall etc which I have worked at many times before. See, working full time in this awesome industry helps!
  • Is there a contract? This protects both yourselves and the lovely photo person. Always ensure you get a contract and if you don’t understand any of it then speak up. It’s fine to ask as hopefully you won’t ever need to ask about one again! Plus let us be honest here, contracts are full of legal speak.
  • Do you just shoot weddings? This honestly depends on whether you want someone who is just focused on honing their wedding skills. Or whether you don’t mind someone who captures many other things. There is no right and wrong answer here. Some of the best professionals shoot many industries. Some just concentrate on the “I do” of the world. I personally concentrate on weddings as I genuinely love them and you can see this written all over my face on the wedding day.
  • How long has the Skipton wedding photographer been in business? Only you can decide what is the right answer here. If it is recent then have they had their fair share of experiences in a live situation? I have been in business as a wedding photographer in Yorkshire since 2009. I have come across pretty much all the situations which are in the wedding book except a scene from an Arnie movie.
  • Does the photographer take group shots? This should be a big yes! There is a trend at the moment where some shy photographers will really push the documentary wedding photography style. So much so that they don’t do group shots. Being honest, group shots are one of the most stressful parts of the wedding day, for you, your guests and your wedding snapper. However, it can also be the most fun! If your chosen Skipton wedding photographer has a personality, then they can organise all the right people efficiently and with a professional level of assertiveness. This is something I pride myself on. I make sure the guests are quickly on my side when it comes to group shots.
  • Do you have back ups of my images? This should always be a resounding yes! Anyone worth their weight in gold should be able to cite their image back up plan. Give me a call and ask for my on site and off site back up plan! It sounds over the top but it really is necessary.

There is no doubt more and more which I have not covered. Get in touch by clicking here to find out more and how I can help you have the memories you deserve from your big day.

The Above List Seems Scary… It Is Only Photography, Right?

Yeah it is a bit scary to be honest. Any decent Skipton Wedding Photographer would think the same. But this is just a normal day in the office for us working togs. The “scary” part has long gone and we are like a trained athlete ready to take on the day full of energy and enthusiasm.

Have you heard the saying: “once the cake is eaten, the flowers have died, the only thing you have left is your wedding photographs.” Cheesy isn’t it?! Read it again and just pause for a moment. It’s true. I was married in 2004 and the only memories I have are 20 photos in a leather album from the pro. Plus a few photos from guests, which were a nice touch but they were not in the same league as our guy, who used film! Wedding photography is an investment.

You Seem Honest, What Are You Like On The Day?

I like to be honest, everyone needs to be honest in this industry. You will find that I reach out to you before, during and after the wedding. This helps things run smoothly. On the day I can blend into the background but also be there in times of a crisis. Take the morning preparations for example. If something was to run behind schedule or need sorting then I will offer advice, help calm the situation and get back to shooting. Why bother? Trust me, some of the things which stress couples out are easily solved by a few words and simple actions. Myself and the various wedding suppliers have seen it all. If something was to go a bit off the beaten track then it is best to solve it rather than photograph the wrong kind of tears.

During the ceremony I am bound to where the officiant wants me to be. Most of the times this is no problem, especially in civil ceremonies. You may find there are more stricter rules at churches and we do have to respect that.

When it comes to group shots I do take charge. Trust me, someone needs to. Even if there is a toastmaster there I gather up all the people with my loud voice, cheeky manner and downright fun attitude towards the formals. A very quick phrase I like to use is: “work with me quickly and you get to the bar sooner!” Deal breaker. It always works. During the couple portraits I will likely send you off to your destination or ask you to follow me but quite a bit behind. Why? This will be the only time the two of you get to spend together. I respect that. I get many positive comments from wedding co-ordinators and guests saying just how good I am when it comes to gathering everyone for the formals. I AM NOT SHY!

For the speeches I move around and capture various angles and people laughing. After this I tend to find couples and small families to take photos of so they can treasure them for a lifetime. Not everyone wants their photo taken, but I am quite persuasive in a cheeky way.

When you have had your first dance I am looking forward to the dancing! I like to get close, up above and sometimes in the action. It makes for some great shots!

My Uncle Has A Big Camera, I Might Ask Him To Work For Free

That is up to you. My friend has a new tool kit for his motorbike, but he is not coming near my car!

However, we in the industry call this an Uncle Bob. The wedding guest who wants to take every photo his memory card will fit on it. Some professional wedding photographers don’t like guests with cameras but I don’t mind. It is just part and parcel of the day! Occasionally someone steps in the aisle or tags along on all the important shots. If this happens I just ask them to kindly move or just give us all a bit of peace, it is no biggie.

Wedding Photography Is Expensive Though!

It’s even more expensive down in the warmer and flat lands of England. It is also an expensive business to set up. Wedding photography can however be very cheap to get into. So if someone comes along quoting £500 for a full days worth of photography with 2 photographers then the alarm bells should ring. A professional Skipton wedding photographer is not cheap because our running costs are not cheap either. Put it this way, I am insured for £20,000 worth of kit for any wedding I attend. That’s a lot of investment throughout my business. Plus that is only what I physically take to weddings. There is the computers, storage solutions, insurances, software licences, accountancy fees, web hosting and my good friend; the Inland Revenue.

There are loads of resources out there which explain this in more detail and I don’t want to bore you any more to be honest. It bores my wife enough as it is haha! If you still think a professional wedding photographer is not cheap then I am not here to tell you otherwise. We all have different perspectives on things and that is what makes us awesome. If you do consider booking someone, do please consider me.

How Do I Book?

If you are getting this far then that is great!!! Please get in touch on the contact page and let me know when your wedding is and where you are getting married. Providing I am available we shall take it to the next stage. A 25% retainer secures your wedding date. The remaining 75% is due a month before the wedding.

Thanks for reading and I do hope you consider booking myself! As a Skipton wedding photographer I am lucky to live close to some of the best wedding venues this country has to offer.